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No contracts! No lengthy documents! No price confusion. Total transparency. Billed annually or monthly.

No hidden costs. We bundle everything into one low price so that you are never confused on billing.

We offer total support for all pricing structures. We will work for you for future budget structures or current.

We can provide multiple payment structures to match your companies policies or better business standards. We want to make it as easy as possible. 

How we help our clients measure ROI to get the most out of their account.

Utilize our analytics dashboard to make sure your screens are running and your marketing is improving.

Customized registration

Create multiple logins to make sure everyone who needs to be connected can be connected. 

Fast and simple Setup

We will work with your technical team to make sure your set up is seamless. 

How we help our clients measure analytics.

In seconds, you can see the general status of your screens and devices, online connectivity, recent playlist and time of content update and more. Start using Chromesignage software today to better track and manage your digital signage. Expect to see positive ROI and effective marketing research analytics from the dashboard. 

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