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The Next Generation
of Digital Signage
SchoolVue is made specifically for educational and informative digital signage.

Powerful. Scalable. Reliable

SchoolVue365 offers a unique, easy to use and operate Digital Signage System designed especially for educational institutions of all types: Elementary Schools, High Schools, Colleges, K12, and Universities. Upgrade the learning experience by adding informative and interactive screens, allowing you to publish and convey information quickly, efficiently and effortlessly.

Give the students a digital voice!

Utilize the SchoolVue365 polling system for on-screen voting. Present any multiple choice question such as: Who should be your next Student Council President? Or what activity would you like to take place on the last day of school? Students can vote directly from their Smartphones and the results will be updated on the screen in real time.

Create. Manage. Display

Create Content

Have students or staff create custom content using our simple to use drag and drop widget based software. Use social media integrations to display live feeds.

Manage From Anywhere

Our software is 100% cloud based. This means you can edit and check on your devices from anywhere. Send out emergency updates at the touch of a button.

Display On Any Screen

Send dynamic and custom content to any screen remotely with a click of a button.


Update students with all the news around campus: activities, classes, competitions, emergencies and more.

Grow with Schoolvue365. We adapt to your practice by incentivizing growth. S

We can create a new API that can help you make the most of our software.

We provide extensive support. We are here to help 24/7 for FREE!

Create content from anywhere for any screen from any internet connection.

"I’m very picky with the software I use in our school system. I prefer to find the most reliable and simple to help save me time and energy, that's what SchoolVue365 is. Reliable and Simple."
Thomas Baltz
Highschool Technical Specialist



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